Shopping & Fittings

Question: After my order is placed when should I receive my gown?

Answer: Once your order is placed, the gowns are expected to arrive 8-10 weeks prior to your wedding date. The dresses are ordered from the designer and shipped to our store. After the gown is checked by a manager and pases quality control, we will be contacting you so that an appointment can be scheduled for your first fitting. In special cases such as rush orders, dresses can come in 1 to 3 weeks before the wedding per your signed contract. We suggest that you should give yourself at least 4 to 8 month prior to the wedding date to ensure adequate delivery.

Question: Am I allowed to take pictures of gowns while I try them on?

Answer: Monica's Bridal does not allow you to take pictures unless you purchase the gown. Although, upon request each individual client can have the opportunity to broadcast a video of themselves in their dresses through a special video feature on our website. This video feature is password protected and is a perfect way to show those near and far the dress of your dreams.

Question: Is it possible to complete my entire bridal look (gown, headpiece, veil, shoes, accessories) in one appointment?

Answer: Monica's Bridal can complete your entire look in one appointment. Aside from your bridal consultant, you also have the opportunity to work with an experienced accessory consultant who can help you find the perfect veil, headpiece, shoes, and accessories to match your dress.

Question: Can I get a swatch of the color of my gown after I order it?

Answer: A swatch will be provided to you when your actual dress comes in or at your first fitting. It is best to get a swatch from your actual dress because dye lots vary and we want the swatch to match perfectly.

Question: Can I meet my favorite designer at Monica's Bridal?

Answer: You may be able to meet your favorite designer at a Trunk Show. Either the designer or a representative attends the trunk show. Click Here for our Trunk Show Calendar

Question: Can my mother or mother-in-law find a dress at Monica's Bridal too?

Answer: Monica's Bridal has a large selection of special order evening wear gowns to choose from. We suggest to must make a separate appointment to view our evening wear department.

Question: Can you customize a gown for religious brides who cannot wear strapless?

Answer: At Monica's Bridal we have a wonderful custom made department that can cater to religious brides. A special consultant can help you specialize in the circumstance that you will have to build up your gown.

Question: Do I have to pay for my gown in full at the time of purchase? due at 1st fitting

Answer: Monica's Bridal requires a 50% deposit to process a special order gown. The remaining balance is due at your first fitting appointment. If your shipping your gown out of state, the balance must be paid in full before we ship the dress. The purchase of a sample gown from Monica's Bridal MUST be paid in full. Sample gowns are final sale and can be taken home same day or left with us for alteration.

Question: Do I need an appointment to view bridal gowns?

Answer: We require an appointment at Monica's Bridal. Although in the circumstances of a walk in, we can accommodate you if there is an available bridal consultant at the moment. Please call 718- 646- 5400 to schedule your appointment.

Question: Do you sell shoes and jewelry?

Answer: Monica's Bridal sells a large selection of shoes and accessories such as necklaces, earrings, and bracelets.

Question: How long does it take to order a gown?

Answer: For a special order gown it can take as long as 6 to 9 months to produce a special order wedding gown. We reccomend that you will place your order at least 8-10 weeks prior. In some cases a designer can fulfill a rush order for an extra fee. Monica's Bridal can also accommodate you with a sample gown. In the case that you do not find the a dress from any particular designer, we have a beautiful custom made department that can make the dress of your dreams to compliment your particular style.

Question: Is there any other color I could wear besides white and still look like a bride?

Answer: you do not have to wear a white gown to your wedding. Lately many brides are using color in their gowns. Color can be incorporated into embroidery and beading. Most designers offer different shades of white, ivory, and champagne. Monica's Bridal has a selection of gowns with color as well as gowns that can be customized in the color of your choice.

Question: There are so many dresses to choose from, where do I begin and what should I bring to my first bridal appointment?

Answer: It is a very good idea is to browse through bridal magazines or in the Internet for silhouettes and styles of your choice. This is a great way to find your personal style. You many also like to bring any pictures to help guide your Bridal consultant to find the perfect dress for you.

Question: What is a trunk show, is it like a fashion show?

Answer: A trunk show is a period of time that the designer or representative will be in our showroom with their new gowns for you to see and try on. Monica's Bridal will also be hosting fashions shows in our store. Look for your favorite designer in our trunk show and fashion show schedule. Click Here for our Trunk Show/ Fashion Show Calendar

Question: When should I begin dress shopping?

Answer: Monica's Bridal suggests 6 to 9 months prior to your wedding date. Many brides begin shopping up to 1 year ahead of time. This time period will allow you to narrow down your selection and order the perfect gown. In the case where you don't have that much time to search for your dress; don't let it worry or stop you. There are a few other options that Monica's Bridal can offer you. We have sample gowns off the rack, a custom made department and some designers can fulfill rush orders.

Question: When should I order my headpiece and veil?

Answer: Veils can be made chosen at your first fitting. In the case where you would like to order a designer veil it is suggested to order 3 to 4 months before your wedding date. We do not recommend that you should wait for your first fitting to choose a crown and veil.

Question: What should I bring to my Fitting?

Answer: During your first fitting you will need to bring the shoes that you will wear with your dress, and any undergarment that you will be wearing too. Monica's bridal has a shoe and undergarment selection to choose from. At your fitting the seamstress will fit the dress to your body perfectly with the under garments and shoes that you choose.

Question: When should I schedule my First Bridal Fitting?

Answer: Monica's Bridal will contact you once your gown is received from the designer. We usually schedule fitting one to two months prior to your wedding. Your dress usually requires 2 to 3 fittings to perfect the fit of your gown. When your dress is finished it will be pressed, packed, and ready to take home. In the case where you will buy a sample dress, we can schedule your fitting within the time frame that permits before your wedding date.